Control Instance Configuration

Web UI

Navigate to the IP address you obtained from the AWS EC2 console. You will see the message, “Please wait while CloudyCluster is configured and DNS propagates.”

Uploading Your AWS Key

  1. On the subsequent screen, your domain name is displayed, for example, Make a note of this domain name, because you will use it to access CloudyCluster in the future.

  2. Select the “Choose File” button and browse to the location where you downloaded your AWS security key.

Creating The Admin CloudyCluster Login

  1. On the subsequent screen, enter First and Last names for the CloudyCluster user.

  2. Enter a Google email address if you want to use shared Google folders.

  3. Create a CloudyCluster username and password to be stored in the database in your AWS Account.

  4. Select your initial login method. If you select a federated account for login, you must enter your userid and password for that account also.

  5. Click the CloudyCluster icon to login.